PERFECT PRODUCT –  Sales Trainings using LUMICO Coaching Cards


I have been training sales staff, both telephone and direct sales force, for 15 years. However, I have been dealing with sales as such for 40 years. How is that possible?- you may ask… Well, it is. As a child I “sold” and “bought” the attention of my loved ones, their interest, I negotiated various “goods” with my environment, both material and non-material ones. Sometimes, I was a merchant who made a good profit, and sometimes I was a buyer who failed to make a transaction. Nevertheless, I was still a child and anything could have been forgiven. As you know, in real life, a client does not forgive- fail him once and it will be remembered for a long time. This is how you learn your lesson about relationships and how important they are.

Working with sales force, I have noticed two dominant market trends.

Clients have more options to choose from and less time to make a decision.

Clients know more, are more experienced and don’t fall for clichés.


As you probably know, hard sales and pressing the client against the wall don’t make a sale. Neither do manipulation nor too soft attitude. Relations instead of business, however, do. Clients don’t respond well to “I-know -better-what-is-good-for-you-and –will-help-you-solve-the-problem” attitude either.

How should we teach sales people then?

How do we help them in their work?

What will work in the market?

How do we make salesmen build good relationships with their clients?

How do we deliver a training that will be memorable?


If you are a trainer or a coach, as myself, and you need inspiration on how to deliver a workshop for sales force, or perhaps you are a sales manager, regional manager, or a person who wants to simply take care of his/her people- you came to the right place!

Feel invited to “Perfect Product” workshop. 

You will:

  • Find out how you can broaden the perspective of your sales staff and change their limiting beliefs
  • Find out how emotions influence sales
  • Receive tools that will support you developing your employees’ skills and attitudes
  • Gain inspiration and a reliable training model.


When you use LUMICO Coaching Cards, you will:

  • Avoid routine and boring trainings
  • Be free from repeating the methods all sales staff already know
  • Get rid of uncertainty and pessimistic thoughts “Is my training able to help them at all?”
  • Be free from worrying about your training’s effectiveness

How much? – 320 PLN / participant



  • 6 hours’ training
  • Training resources
  • Opportunity to buy Coaching Cards + BONUS


  • 6 hours’ training at  420 PLN/ participant
  • Training resources
  • Opportunity to buy Coaching Cards + BONUS
  • 60 minutes’ individual consultation   


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Who is it for?

  • Trainers and sales coaches who would like to diversify their training programs
  • Sales managers who want to successfully influence their employees’ attitudes
  • Anyone looking for some inspiration
  • All open-minded people

Who will NOT benefit from that workshop?

  • Those who want effortless results
  • Those who love the ways they work
  • Those who dislike new challenges


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