Grow your skills with LUMICO Coaching Cards” – Workshops for Coaches and Trainers – using LUMICO Coaching Cards in individual sessions 1:1 and with a group .



When I became a trainer 15 years ago, I was overwhelmed by the opportunities that my mentor showed me at the time, I was diligently writing down all the exercises, games and ideas for training. Everything was so new and so fascinating. Today, after a dozen or so years of work, I recollect my first training, and I think how much I’ve changed, how much my skills and tools have changed. It’s good, right? You know our customers are increasingly demanding, and know old-fashioned games by heart. I avoid it like the plague. You too?

I keep looking for new ways and sometimes it’s a pity that some of the tools are only good for trainings and others work well for individual sessions.

This is one of the reasons I have created LUMICO Coaching Cards. You will see how a single tool can help you with both, coaching sessions and trainings. Cards are great for working in various areas: communication, emotions, team building, relationships, resources and wherever else your imagination may lead you to.


Feel invited to  “ Grow your skills with LUMICO Coaching Cards” workshop

You will:

  • Find out how to diversify your communication workshops
  • Find out how the cards can help work with emotions
  • Gain a great tool to establish the client’s/participant’s resources and use them in various situations  teamwork-related
  • Practice different contexts and situations in group work , what will help you support your training participants.
  • Receive reliable methods of working with training and workshop groups as well as individual clients.


standard PACKAGE

  • How much? – 320 PLN/ participant
  • 6 hours’ training
  • Training resources
  • Opportunity to buy Coaching Cards + BONUS



  • 6 hours’ training at  420 PLN/ participant
  • Training resources
  • Opportunity to buy Coaching Cards + BONUS
  • 60 minutes’ individual consultation


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Who is it for?

– for trainers and coaches who would like to diversify their training programs

– for trainers and coaches who would like to know a new tool

– for everyone who deals with groups or working teams and wants to help them to build relationships.


Who will NOT benefit from that workshop?

  • Those who want effortless results
  • Those who dislike implementing new methods in their work
  • Those who are afraid of in-depth work and unpredictable conclusions of the participants