LUMICO Coaching Cards are the first in Poland, versatile tools that can be used for individual, team and group work. It is a unique product to aid your trainings, workshops, and individual coaching sessions!



You can use them during your communication workshops and trainings related to cooperation, relationships, and anything you need in order to „touch” emotions. Coaching cards will help the participants of your trainings to talk about their individual resources. You will also be able to show them how the resources influence the way they communicate and how communication influences emotions and relations. Trust me, when my clients understood that pattern, both their lives- private and professional, became simple again.

I have created LUMICO Coaching Cards for you to use them effectively, whether you work as
a coach, a trainer, a mentor or a teacher.

LUMICO Coaching Cards Set includes :

  • 60 double-sided cards, one side of the card is a photo, the other is a drawing,
  • 40 questions engraved on wooden boards,
  • 40 phrases from 4 contexts: emotions, reactions, relationships, resources engraved on wooden circles.
  • a string
  • basic instruction,


All packed in a practical wooden box – so you can always pack it safely and take it with you.


And now- there is MORE!!!!

Only now, the set comes with 3 inspirational workshop scenarios using the cards as tools!