Individual sessions

Feel invited to an individual session.

My coaching career started 7 years ago. I have always paid attention to and followed ICF code, but most importantly, relations have always been the foundation of my work. I was looking for my own field of expertise for a long time, one that would benefit my clients and was dear to me at the same time.  The key to work with relationships is:

  • Communication
  • Emotions

For me, those are the key areas that influence our lives in a very specific and tangible way.

How do I communicate? Who do I communicate with? In what way? Do I do that in the same way for everybody?  Where do emotions come from? What do I feel? How do I react? In which situations? How do I build relationships?

All of those are the contexts of my specialization and the subjects of coaching session I am inviting you to right now;

Relationships: with the family, children, husbands and wives,

Work relationships; with co-workers, superiors

Social relationships: friends and acquaintances, etc.


In my work, I use LUMICO cards that I have created myself, in order to give maximum support to my clients in their work with relationships.

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