Inspiration for trainers and sales force


for trainers and sales force during
sales workshops

Subject: A perfect product

How to use the cards?

1. Divide the group into two teams.

2. Each team tries to imagine a perfect product,
one that is in demand with the public and the best in the market.

3. Each team picks 6 photo cards that reflect the product’s features

4. Next step is for each team to prepare a presentation of the product, starting from listing 5 adjectives
that describe the product’s features. E.g. A boat- inimitable, unique, original, colorful, etc.

5. Ask the participants to present their work.

6. After both presentations, one team defines situations (picture cards), in which the second team’s
product would be indispensable, and the other way around. Both teams pick 5 cards each
and using them, define the advantages of the product in those specific situations.

7. Finally, ask the participants to go over the routine again, this time using the actual products they
sell in their work, such as shoes, cosmetics, car parts, sales offer, etc.

What are we aiming for in this exercise?

This exercise is there to evoke positive emotions relating to products, broadening the perspective and
thinking about the product’s advantages in the context of specific clients’ needs and specific situations

.This exercise aims at showing the participants that even the best product must be of practical use that
should be presented to the client. Nobody buys product’s features only. .

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