INSPIRATION for class/group- based workshops


for class/group- based workshops
to be used by teachers/ lecturers/ psychologists/ trainers/ pedagogues

Subject- Emotions


1. Divide the participants into 4 teams, provide each team with a flipchart sheet

2. Ask the participants to list, using a separate A4 paper, the emotions they most often feel at school, during classes and breaks..

3. Ask them to pick a photo card reflecting the emotions

4. Encourage the participants in groups to think when they feel the emotions they have just defined the most often. In order to do that, ask them to pick the pictures illustrating the situations

5. The last step is to present each team’s work

What are we aiming for in this exercise?

Emotions are part of our lives. It is worth to get to know them, recognize them, learn to express
them. They are with us in different circumstances, therefore it is important to look at them in
specific situation-based context. It is easier to cope with a given situation and consequently it is
easier to understand and deal with emotions as such.

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